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At SureBooks we know that you are the kind of person who wants to manage their business well. The problem is that you just don’t have enough time to focus on your financial management, which means you have less cash flow when you need it most and more pressure overall when your business needs you most!

The great news is that we have expert small business accountant consultants who will manage your finances and allow you to grow your business with more time and better cash flow. Take advantage of our accounting services and payroll services today by filling out the form to the right of the page …

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Experienced & Trusted Accounting Services

Our accounting services allow you to grow your business by freeing up your time, offering you peace of mind, and unlocking more cashflow.

Accounting Services

We take the chore out of daily accounting management and turn it into stress-free value for you, more time, and cash flow!

Tax Compliance

You don’t have to worry about SARS, we will make you compliant. We will save you money and fulfill all requirements.

Payroll Services

Our payroll services just make your life easier! From PAYE to knowing who must be paid what, paying employees will never be simpler.

SureStart – R2200 pm

100 transactions per month or less

Reconcile credit card and bank statements up to 100 transactions per month

Xero monthly health check

Accounts Payable: Weekly reconciliation and management using Receipt Bank

Small Business Accountant Financial Guidance

SureGrowth – R3300 pm

250 transactions per month or less

Reconcile credit card and bank statements up to 250 transactions per month

Xero monthly health check

Accounts Payable: Weekly reconciliation and management using Receipt Bank

Small Business Accountant Financial Guidance

SurePlus – R4500 pm

250 transactions per month or less

Reconcile accounts receivable (Employee issues own invoices)

Reconcile credit card and bank statements up to 250 +

Xero monthly health check

VAT: Ensure correct VAT allocations

Maintenance of fixed asset register

VAccounts Payable: Weekly reconciliation and management using Receipt Bank

What Our Accounting Services Do For You?

At SureBooks, we strive to provide our clients with world-class, versatile accounting services in order to ensure the smooth running of the financial side of your business. Managing finances is a hefty responsibility which is time-consuming and requires full focus, two aspects for which busy business leaders do not often have the capacity. This is where accounting services come in. In just a few minutes of reading, find out how SureBooks accounting services can assist you in flourishing financially and keeping tabs on your company’s responsibilities.

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Accounting services offered by SureBooks

SureBooks offers a plethora of accounting services, all tailor-designed to fit your personal or company’s financial happenings. Enlisting this assistance means that you have access to the following services, among others:

SARS compliance
• CIPC compliance
• Income tax returns
• Cloud-based accounting
• Automation of mundane administrative processes
• SARS registrations
• Tax Savings
• VAT returns and administration

Accounting services in SARS compliance

Enlisting our accounting services in SARS compliance will help you stay on the correct path when it comes to adhering to the law. In order for a company to be SARS compliant they require absolute certainty in the following aspects:

  1. You do not have outstanding funds owed to SARS
  2. You do not have neglected and outstanding tax returns
  3. You have been registered for all your company’s liable tax
  4. All your registered features are updated

From the drawing up of tax clearance certificates, to the handling of SARS audits and disputes, and a host of other related services, we are committed to steering the above aspects and assisting in the future growth of your business.

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Accounting services in CIPC Compliance

The South African companies act mandates that every business must maintain their records and at all times be able to present what is known as the Memorandum of Incorporation, or MOI, as well as ensure that it is always updated to include any alterations. This is one requirement among a variety of others that can be overseen or taken off your shoulders by an accountant. The following aspects are some that can be handled by accountants for your benefit:

• Company records
• Accounting records
• Annual returns

Cloud-based accounting services

We offer remote, streamlined and automated accounting services through cloud-based technology. Similar to on-premises accounting software, cloud-based accounting takes place on remote servers, and is then processed and returned in a time-efficient manner. In a world where technology is constantly evolving and ever-influential, keeping up with the latest online software is arguably essential to the future growth of your business.

Information sent and processed through the “cloud,” or rather the remote servers, decreases the time of both analysis and receiving insight. It promotes superior communication between different business departments who may be granted access to the data with great ease.

Is your financial data safe and secure with cloud-based accounting?

In a world constantly uprooted and oftentimes disrupted with technology, it is only natural to have concerns about your data when it leaves an on-site premises and enters the “cloud”. However, it is important to remember that in the case of traditional software storage, there is always the risk of information breaches, stolen computers and laptops or general damage to the system which could result in crucial data being compromised. Although these scenarios are highly unlikely, they serve to remind that cloud-based software is in many ways more impenetrable.

Cloud-based accounting is encrypted and protected by passwords and other security measures, ensuring that your most valuable information is processed, analysed and presented accurately and smoothly with no associated risks. As opposed to a group of people needing access to said information in order to work out balanced and analyse trends, all that cloud software requires is two people with access rights. Cloud-based accounting systems are backed up with servers usually in two or more locations, meaning that if one location were to fail temporarily for some reason, the other will continue to serve your needs.

SARS registration assistance

If you are a newly operating business, or are self-employed, you are required to register as a taxpayer with SARS, which ensures that your business or yourself as an individual can pay any and all tax owed as well as receive benefits befitting of your type of business. Your accountant can help you streamline this process and take the burden off of your busy shoulders.

SARS registration, also referred to as tax registration, is mandatory within 60 days of your business beginning to generate revenue. Once the registration side has been completed, you will receive your very own SARS tax number. This number is how you or your company will be referred to in a legal sense on documents and helps you keep on the ball when it comes to how much you owe the government, and how much they may owe you in return.

Income tax returns

An income tax return refers to a form or forms that are filed with reports of income, expenses and other applicable tax data which allows taxpayers to keep tabs on their money owed, among many other things. They also assist in the scheduling of tax payments. Enlisting an accountant to assist with income tax returns is a great idea if you find yourself battling to manage the day-to-day running of your business and still need to find the time to manage your financial side.

An accountant can assist you in the mandatory annual submission of tax returns to SARS, whether they relate to your company or you as an individual. In doing so, you can be assured of a seamless submission with all relevant categories incorporated without room for error. This will save you the stress and time of pouring over your files searching for potential mistakes.

Provisional tax returns

SureBooks provides assistance with provisional tax returns as part of our accounting services. Provisional tax is a part of income tax, and is the procedure of paying the income tax liability ahead of time in order to guarantee that the taxpayer does not owe a large amount of tax debt upon assessment.

Taxpayers or businesses are obligated to pay a minimum of two payments in advance, within the assessment year. These payments are based on the estimated amount of taxable income. Accounting assistance will ensure the smooth running of the above, as well as the optional third payment at the end of the tax year before SARS issues an assessment.

Any individual or company who receives an income that is not a salary, constitutes a provisional tax payer. The bulk of those who receive salaries are non-provisional taxpayers, since they do not have any other sources of income. There are, of course, exemptions, which your accountant will help identify and work through.

Cash flow accounting assistance

Among other things, accounting services assist in the construction of cash flow statements which identify how much cash enters and leaves your company. Cash flow refers to the amount of cash and related equivalents comes and goes throughout your business operations. Basically, a company’s ability to provide value for shareholders is determined by its faculty to generate what is known as positive cash flows.

A positive cash flow shows that a company is continuously adding to its reserves and consequently reinvesting in the company. There are three forms of cash flow: financing, operating and investing.

Financing cash flow refers to the earnings from issuing debt and equity and additionally the payments that are made by the business. Operating cash flow comprises all the cash brought about by the business’s primary activities. Lastly, investing cash flow refers to the purchasing of all capital assets and investments in other business endeavours.

In order to assist with the smooth running and data compilation of the above processes, accountants issue clients with cash flow statements, which serve a variety of different purposes.

• Cash flow statements indicate your liquidity, which refers to the exact amount of operating cash flow your company has in the event of you needing it. This helps you to make financial decisions based on what you can or cannot afford.

• They assist in the prediction of future cash flows, so that you can centre your business plans based on projections and trends and help build your long-term company goals.

Budgeting services

One of the most important parts of both personal and professional finance management is the practise of budgeting. We have all budgeted in some way or another during our lives. When starting a company, or maintaining it financial side, budgeting is another complicated process on the list, and enlisting the services of an accountant can go a long way in ensuring a realistic and effective budget strategy.

In this regard, your accountant will be in charge of collecting a detailed report of the revenues and expenditures amassed by a company during its operations. These aspects range from money spend by staff to daily funds taken in, to name only two. A knowledgeable accountant also knows a thing or two about the local area, which can do more for the client than one might think.

Having a professional with this local knowledge can help your company face unique and area-specific challenges as well as predict advantageous or disadvantageous budgeting related outcomes. This could include whether or not to put shares in a new business in a certain part of town, or to rent a premises in another, for example.

When you hire an accountant to preside over your company’s budget, you are mentally free to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business that require company leaders to apply their full brain power in order to thrive and flourish. As a result, your only interruptions will be those concerning the reviewing of your accountant’s budgeting efforts and the discussion of business plans.

Why make use of SureBooks as your accounting service?

In the midst of a global health crisis, the global economy has experienced one of the greatest dives since the Great Depression. Now more than ever, as a small business or individual, it is important to have your financial matters in order and factual. This is no easy feat when day-to-day operations have, in most cases, been hit hard for a large proportion of business owners and employers.

While accounting services certainly do not come free of charge, even employing an accountant to manage one aspect of your company’s finances, such as bookkeeping or payroll, can make a lasting difference in the longevity and success of your business when it comes to planning for the future.

SureBooks is committed to providing clients with leading accounting assistance for your individual or company’s various requirements. With a strong focus on leading technology such as cloud-based accounting, as well as expertise in traditional accounting methods, our multi-faceted offerings have the overarching potential to enhance your financial experience and relative business management strategies.

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