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10 Signs You Need Bookkeeping Services For Your Business


As a business owner, you might understand the limitations and time constraints that come with managing a business. It’s difficult to fulfil all of your business’s daily needs and stay organised simultaneously. This article covers 10 signs which might mean you need bookkeeping services. Hiring professional services to help you organise your finances and budget properly will allow your business to reach its full potential.


Using reliable bookkeeping services will help you keep track of your business’s finances. It can take a lot of time to build a strong record of your books and accounts and it can also be difficult to maintain this record once it’s in place. SureBooks offers quality accounting and bookkeeping assistance which will free up your time to focus on running and growing your business.




What are bookkeeping services?


If you are wondering if there’s a way to make your accounting process easier, then all you need to consider is hiring a bookkeeper for your business. Bookkeepers aid in developing and managing all the financial needs of your company. Your accounting data is organised using accounting software, and tailored to suit your specific needs. This gives you easy access to any important information or reports you need.


The reports produced by bookkeepers can show the performance of your business and aid with business decisions and development. It is important to note the difference between bookkeeping services and accounting services. Bookkeepers record and maintain financial records on more of a daily basis, organising the data for future use. Whereas accounting refers to analysing the data which has been collected by the bookkeepers. The two services work hand in hand and can add great value to the performance of your business.


Bookkeeping services can include the following:


  • Business Invoicing
  • Tax return preparation
  • Organising books and accounts
  • Manage accounts payable and receivable
  • Produce management reports
  • Create a budget and analyse cash flow
  • Create a breakdown of performance indicators
  • Create financial statements
  • Keep track of your bank feeds




Benefits of using bookkeeping services for your business:


Keeping a record of your business income and expenses is vital to the success of your business. Using reliable bookkeeping assistance will help you review your business finances and make the best decisions moving forward. There are countless benefits of using bookkeeping services for your business, here are just a few.


Helps to get your business ready for tax season: If your books are organised and your accounts are up to date, it will take a lot of pressure off of your business when it is time to file your taxes. Using reliable services regularly will eliminate all of the last-minute scrambles to get your financial information ready in time. Your balance sheets will be more accurate and you will be able to increase your tax deductions.


Helps you reach your targets: Any small business aims to develop and grow, and if your finances aren’t organised, it can be difficult to set realistic goals. Planning ahead and having accurate data to work from will allow you to find weaknesses and strengths in your business. This will help you analyse where changes need to be made to reach the target you need.


Ensures you comply with legal requirements: When you enlist bookkeepers for your business, your consultants will ensure you are kept up to date with all the legal regulations regarding accounting. This can save you time and effort if any complications arise. You can’t be expected to know all the laws and regulations yourself, having an accountant and bookkeeper to guide you and your business is a huge benefit.


Get instant reports: Bookkeeping and accounting services will give you access to productive accounting software. This means you can easily get instant reports such as balance sheets or any basic accounting financial statements.


Gives you comfort and convenience: Running a business is extremely stressful, and it comes with its daily challenges. Using SureBooks services will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on the important things. It may free up time to focus on business challenges you could be facing, or allow you to spend more time relaxing with family and loved ones.




10 Signs you need bookkeeping services for your business.


If you just aren’t keeping up with the admin that comes with running a small business you might need to ask yourself if you need to hire a bookkeeper. It is sometimes difficult to take the leap as your business might not be able to afford bookkeeping assistance, but hiring the right bookkeeper who can manage your finances professionally will only serve to benefit your business growth and potential. Here are 10 signs you need to hire bookkeepers for your business.


1.Your books are disorganised and out-of-date


If it has become impossible to keep track of your paperwork, and it is piling up all over your office space, it might be time to call in for help. Having outdated reports means it can become extremely difficult to keep track of your business finances. You can’t accurately manage your cash flow, and your business may be at risk of overspending.


If getting your paperwork up to date seems completely overwhelming, consider hiring bookkeepers. Having someone with the sole purpose of keeping a record of your finances means your data will be recorded daily, and never again reach the point of overwhelming.




2.You struggle to find the time to organise your books


You might be neglecting your books because you don’t have the time to manage them. Running a business means your time is going to be absorbed by meeting all the essential needs of your business and solving all the issues that arise. If you’ve managed this far without using bookkeeping assistance, that’s great, but as soon as your business grows it’s easy to fall behind with your finances.


3.You spend more time trying to do your bookkeeping than running your business


You might have the knack for bookkeeping and found the best apps to use and methods to get things done without using bookkeepers, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Although, if you are finding yourself spending hours every week organising your books, you may not be putting your time into areas where it is needed most. Spending too much time on one aspect of your business can be detrimental to running the rest of your business.


This could mean it’s time to call in the professionals. Outsourcing this work to reliable bookkeepers can allow you to put your focus and energy into developing your business where it is needed most. If you want to watch your business excel, professional bookkeeping services can assist the process.




4.You are rushing to finish your bookkeeping during tax time


There is nothing more stressful than dealing with taxes, so you want to make sure you are as prepared as possible to minimise as much pressure as you can. If you find yourself dealing with this unnecessary stress right before you need to file your taxes it’s a good time to check in with SureBooks services.


Leaving everything to the last minute also means you can end up paying more money for bookkeeping services. If you rely on your accountant to do your bookkeeping at the last minute there may be lots of paperwork to catch up on and this service can become costly. At SureBooks we offer professional and tailored bookkeeping services to help you stay organised and prepared when the time comes to pay taxes.


5.You are not maximising your tax deductions and tax write-offs


Your business has many tax-deductible expenses, but some of these can be easily overlooked. If your books are out-of-date it’s easy to lose track of your business expenses, meaning you won’t be able to deduct these expenses from tax. Tax deductible expenses include your transport to and from work, your cellphone bill and health insurance. Hiring bookkeeping services means all these expenses are continually recorded throughout the year, and your bookkeeper may be able to identify other taxable deductions you might not have noticed before.


Some expenses such as training and education or advertisements can be considered tax-write-offs. It’s extremely important to keep an accurate record of these expenses throughout the year to save your business money during tax time. Using a professional service means you won’t have to worry about all the ins and outs of tax reductions, you can feel comforted knowing your business is not losing money.


6.Your cash flow is erratic


A sure sign to seek professional help is when you aren’t able to pay all your expenses at the end of the month. There could be many reasons for this to happen, but it is obvious that your expenses have exceeded your income and you have insufficient cash flow.


If you keep track of your income and expenses with a professional bookkeeping service you can always follow up on invoices that are due. You can budget your expenses and plan ahead so that you don’t overspend by the time month end arrives. It is always important for any business to have a steady update of money moving through the business.


7.You are feeling overworked and drained trying to keep up with admin


Nobody wants to reach the point of burnout while running their business. If all the admin and paperwork and trying to keep up with your accounts is making you feel drained and overworked, it’s a sure sign to outsource some of your responsibilities. You may need time to rest or enjoy your hobbies to recover from the burnout you are feeling.


It is important to know when to seek help, not only for your business but also for the sake of yourself and your loved ones. Staying productive means you need to prioritise your mental health, and not lose the passion you have for running a small business. Focusing on your passion for business is going to help your business stay productive and consistent.




8.You are anxious about employee fraud


As a business owner, it’s easy to get anxious about fraud in your business. There is always a possibility that employees may steal money or take advantage of small businesses. Unfortunately, employee fraud is often very difficult to detect, but there are systems you can put in place to deter employees from committing employee fraud. You may be experiencing employee fraud if you’re noticing the following:


  • Financial documents are altered or missing
  • Employees are reluctant to answer questions.
  • You notice discrepancies in your balance sheets.


Using SureBooks for all your bookkeeping services means you will constantly have a trusted consultant to keep track of your finances. Bookkeepers can quickly detect any issues in your financial reports, finding the cause of the problem quickly. Bookkeeping services can save your business time and money, making it an essential part of your advancement.


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