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Outsourced Payroll Services South Africa: How to Keep Your Small Business Organised




Organisation is one of the essential building blocks in the foundation of a successful small business. A disorganised business can quickly become inefficient and unproductive, resulting in the impaired future of your small business. Learn how to keep your small business organised with our 7 organisational tactics. To encourage you to keep organisation as a top priority, we have demonstrated the benefits of an organised small business. Have your small business accounts and payroll expertly managed with SureBooks accounting services and outsourced payroll services South Africa.


7 Ways To Keep Your Small Business Organised:


Small businesses often fall into the trap of becoming disorganised. Disorganisation is often a result of small business owners attempting to handle more than they have the time to do, poorly managed finances, messy workspaces, and inadequate communication between customers or employees. From your finances to your to-do lists, we have highlighted 7 useful ways to keep your small business organised.


1) Have Your Finances Professionally Managed:


The way that you manage your small business finances is integral to the organisation of your small business. Being disorganised in your business finances can lead to serious repercussions, such as insufficient cash flow, missed deadlines for expense payments, or tax penalties due to incorrect tax filing or late tax payments. Without organisation, your finances can spiral out of control and have devastating consequences for your small business.


As a small business owner, you do not need to be an entrepreneur, financial manager, marketer, and project manager wrapped into one. You should focus on your specific skill set of running a small business and allow professional accountants to handle your financial management. An accounting service will ensure that your business finances are organised and compliant while keeping you fully up-to-date with financial reports.




2) Outsource Your Payroll:


One important aspect of your business finances that you need to keep organised is your payroll. Unfortunately, keeping on top of your small business payroll can be difficult and time-consuming. When each month varies according to employee sick days or extra hours, it can easily become confusing if your recording system is disorganised or non-existent. This can easily lead to inaccuracies in employee payments, which can result in a disgruntled team of employees.


Outsourced payroll services South Africa are an effective way to ensure that your employees are financially taken care of every week or month, depending on your unique payroll schedule. All employee information, benefit deductions, PAYE, overtime, sick days, and other pertinent payroll information will be kept accurately recorded and organised by your outsourced payroll service company. This way you can ensure that your employees are looked after financially without you having to worry about it.


3) Establish Clear Procedures:


Every small business should have established procedures that need to be followed in the workplace. Procedures ensure that the correct steps are followed, your employees know who needs to perform each aspect of the work, and when these procedures need to be completed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. From how to communicate with clients to product packaging to document filing, procedures need to be established for every aspect of your business to keep your whole team on the same page and to ensure total organisation.


4) Optimise Customer Support:


A disorganised business will have an impact on customer experience. It can be highly frustrating for a customer when they cannot get in contact with your small business or if there are delayed responses to their problems with your product or service. Customers are less likely to continue supporting your small business if they feel that they are not being cared for by your small business.


To optimise your customer support, you will need to have employees that are dedicated to handling your customer contact channels. This team will need to be easily accessible across multiple contact channels to ensure that no positive review, query, or complaint will go unnoticed. Organised customer support will make your customers feel important to your small business and you will not miss out on any opportunities for increased profit.




5) Consistent Communication:


A small business can quickly become disorganised when there is inconsistent communication between yourself and your employees or between your manager and your employees. Consistently communicating performance expectations, deadlines, and updates to products or services will allow your employees to work optimally and be productive for your small business. You can organise your communication by having scheduled meetings every week and easy lines of communication so that your employees can always get in touch with you.


6) Keep Your Space Tidy:


If you have ever watched the MasterChef series, you will have heard the judges and guest chefs explain that a messy workstation leads to a cluttered mind and ultimately to a dish that is not well-executed or tasty. While you may not be preparing gastronomic delights in your small business, the same principle applies. A messy and cluttered workspace is the breeding ground for disorganisation, mistakes, and employee workplace dissatisfaction, all of which can negatively affect your small business.


To promote productivity and organisation in your small business, you need to keep the workplace tidy. This can be done by encouraging employees to look after their workstations, having easy filing systems, categorised storage facilities, or regular decluttering. Not only will you and your employees benefit from an organised workplace, but your clients or customers that visit your workplace will have a good impression of your small business.




7) Plan Ahead:


Your ability as a small business owner to create systems that allow you to keep on top of daily operations and plan ahead will ensure that your business remains organised and productive. Whether you plan ahead with structured time schedules, monthly planners, or daily to-do lists, you will need to design an organisational tactic that is optimal for your day-to-day in your small business. When you have a firm grasp of what needs to be accomplished each week or month, you will be able to keep your business organised.


6 Benefits of an Organised Business:


An organised business will perform optimally. Cash flow will be positive, your team of employees will be motivated, and your clients will be satisfied with the products or services of your small business. We have highlighted the 6 benefits of an organised business to demonstrate why adopting organisational tactics can only ensure the success of your small business.


1) Improved Finances:


When your business finances are professionally managed and kept organised, you will be kept fully on top of your cash flow, pending invoices, monthly expenses, and tax status. You can then use this organised and up-to-date information to make better financial decisions for your business. You can potentially lower your expenses and increase your profits, resulting in improved finances for your small business.


2) Happy Employees:


Your employees are highly important to the success of your business. By providing them with a workspace that is optimised to allow them to perform their work and by outsourcing your payroll to a professional company, you will ensure that your employees are kept motivated and happy working for your small business. When your employees are happy, your small business will benefit from their continued loyalty and drive to perform their work well.




3) Reduced Stress:


Working in chaos is a sure way to increase the stress of running your small business. When you cannot find an important invoice, your product supplies have gotten lost in your storage facility, and your employees have missed important deadlines due to inadequate communication, you can quickly start to become overwhelmed. An organised small business provides both you and your employees with a sense of control and calm, which allows for increased productivity, better decision-making, and satisfactory performance.


4) More Time:


An organised small business is essentially run by a small business owner that efficiently manages their time. Instead of fumbling around your desk looking for a report or wading through your spam emails to uncover an invoice, your organised workspace will allow for effective and efficient use of your time. When your small business is organised, you can then spend your time on the priorities in your business that allow for growth.


5) Customer Satisfaction:


Satisfied customers are essential to your small business as happy customers lead to loyalty and the highly sought-after word-of-mouth marketing for your small business. An organised small business will ensure customer satisfaction by providing products or services on time and by being easily accessible for any queries or complaints. Optimising your customer support with an organised team or system will only benefit your business by providing your customers with a better experience


6) Successful Business:


Whether your small business specialises in SaaS or the manufacturing of balloon animals for children’s parties, your ultimate goal for your small business is to be successful. Many factors go into ensuring the success of your small business, but your best step to take is to ensure that your business is organised. Prioritising organisation in all aspects of your business, from outsourcing to professionals to committing to consistent communication, will allow your small business the best opportunity to enjoy a future of growth and success.


SureBooks Outsourced Payroll Services South Africa:


SureBooks is a small business accountant company that offers outsourced payroll services South Africa that your small business can rely on. We understand the importance of keeping on top of your business payroll to maintain happy and motivated employees, which is why we provide you with accurate and efficient outsourced payroll services South Africa. You can focus on running your small business while we will professionally keep on top of your business payroll.


With our outsourced payroll services South Africa, you will benefit from a professional service that handles every aspect of your payroll requirements. We handle payslips and administration, PAYE, SDL, UIF, and Biannual EMP501 submissions. Ensure that your business is compliant and your employees are accurately paid with our outsourced payroll services South Africa.


We use SimplePay for our outsourced payroll services South Africa. SimplePay is the latest payroll technology that offers a simplified, organised, and transparent payroll system. You can enjoy the latest payroll software that is easy to understand with our outsourced payroll services South Africa.




About SureBooks:


In addition to our outsourced payroll services South Africa, we provide you with the total solution to your small business financial management. We offer accounting services and tax compliance services to make sure that your small business finances are kept organised, compliant, and are working towards growing your small business. All of our small business accounting services are offered to you by qualified accountants that are dedicated to ensuring the success of your small business.


You can enjoy experienced and trusted financial management services at an affordable rate with SureBooks. We have crafted a variety of accounting packages so that you can easily find one suited to your needs and budget. Affordable and high-quality financial management is what you will benefit from when you partner your small business with SureBooks.


Keep your business payroll organised with SureBooks outsourced payroll services South Africa.


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