Small Business Accountant: Top 6 Ideas to Start a Small Business


Is your dream to be your own boss, turn your passion into profit, and have complete control over your earning potential? Starting a small business will be the rewarding way to actualise your dream. Unleash your inner entrepreneur with our top 6 ideas for starting a small business. When you have found the idea that you love and feel would be the perfect solution to your market’s needs, acquire the assistance of professionals to help you run your small business successfully. For efficient financial management, SureBooks small business accountant is here for your small business every step of the way.


6 Ideas for Starting a Small Business:


Starting a small business is not for the faint-hearted. Any successful small business will come with its own challenges, require you to invest your time or capital, and there will be moments when you wonder if it is all worth it. The fear of failure is what often holds aspiring entrepreneurs back from transforming their passion into a small business.


Alongside the challenges of starting a small business come unbeatable rewards. You will have total creative freedom, financial independence, no limits placed on you, and a chance to create a product or service that will make a change in people’s lives. With the right help along the way, you can start a small business that will leave a mark on your industry.


The best way to start a successful small business is to begin with a well-thought-out idea. You may have the drive, time, and energy to start a small business, but no idea what to target your small business at. We have listed 6 ideas for starting a small business that will inspire you to take this exciting step.


1) Subscription Boxes:


If you have ever been a customer of a subscription box business, then you will know the monthly excitement when your box arrives filled to the brim with exciting treats and products. A subscription box small business will specialise in creating unique boxes around a theme that they will send to customers on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly package. We have highlighted three popular subscription box ideas for your small business.


Educational Box: Parents love to invest in monthly educational boxes for their children. You can choose a specific age group to start with and then create boxes perfect for fun education, fine motor skill development, and parent-child bonding. As your business becomes successful, you can start branching into additional age groups.


Food Box: A food subscription box will be filled with local products, recipes, intriguing ingredients, and tableware. This is a superb subscription box for a small business as the sources for content are endless. You can craft excitement around your food subscription boxes by theming the boxes according to cuisines, seasons, or areas.


Book Box: The ultimate subscription box business for a bookworm is a book box. You can share your love for books with like-minded customers by sending monthly or quarterly boxes filled with books you have read and loved or books that have recently received literary awards. You can create book boxes themed by genre or you can curate a random selection of books to diversify your customer’s reading.


The exciting part about creating a subscription box business is that you can partner with other small businesses for the contents of your boxes. Through collaboration, you can potentially receive discounts or additional advertisements through your curated collection of small businesses. There is also the bonus of supporting a like-minded small business entrepreneur.




2) Food Services:


Food services offer a harvest table of ideas perfectly suited to starting a small business! If you have expert culinary capabilities, are a whizz at creating health products, or find ultimate joy in crafting dining experiences, then you can transform your food skills and passion into a small business. We have briefly outlined 3 small business ideas revolving around food services.


Catering: If your friends and family are consistently asking you to cater their dinner parties and events, why not spread your wings and transform this talent into a catering business? You can craft the catering business that suits your unique food style and your lifestyle. If you love creating experiences, you can go to people’s homes and cook in front of your guests. Alternatively, you prepare the food at home or in your rented kitchen and drop off the ready-made items for your client’s event.


Food or Beverage Truck: Do your meat-free burgers have your carnivore friends going for seconds? Do your barista skills make your coffee the best in town? Is your Margaretta a major hit with your friends? Why not offer your talents to the world with an artisan food or beverage truck. Food and beverage trucks are versatile and are highly popular at markets, events, and weddings, making them an excellent way to create a unique and viable food service small business.


Health Food Products: With the ever-increasing demand for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, keto, dairy-free, locally-grown (the list goes on) products, there is a wide-open industry for creating health food products. If you have created a healthy or dietary substitute for a particular product, there is most likely going to be a long line of like-minded people who would rather buy the product than spend hours making it.




3) No-Waste Products:


As the world becomes more concerned with climate change and environmental degradation, there is a growing market of conscious consumers looking for products that will reduce their environmental impact. Consumers are interested in eliminating disposable products from their purchases and are opting for products that will assist them to lead a zero-waste lifestyle.


No-waste products will last a lifetime, are made from sustainable materials, and are ethically produced. Items like metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and stainless steel razors have quickly become popular go-to products for consumers interested in a zero-waste lifestyle. If you are pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, you can assist your like-minded market by developing a no-waste product that will benefit their goals and the environment.





4) Travelling Barber:


If your passion is cutting and styling men’s hair, then you can pack up your grooming equipment and hit the road as a travelling barber. By appointment, you will arrive at your client’s home or wedding and provide them with your hair cutting or styling service. If you can stay on top of hairstyle trends for men, then your travelling barber business will quickly become the one-on-one experience that your clients are looking for.


To transform this into a small business, you can acquire a collection of talented barbers located all over your province or the country to offer your travelling barber services to a wider network of clients. A travelling barber business also opens up the opportunity to create additional income for your small business. You can sell male hair products, such as styling gels or beard oils, alongside your hair cutting or styling service.


5) Digital Event Planning:


With various restrictions all over the world as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is a huge market for digital event planning. As a digital event planning business, you would offer services to assist your clients with planning, organising, and reporting their online events. You would assist your clients to craft an exceptional online experience for their event and draw an income for your business through your service fee. From major conferences to exhibitions to trade shows, there are multiple digital event opportunities to craft your small business around.


6) Website Flipping:


Move over Tarek El Moussa, there is a new flipper in town. Website flipping is similar in concept to flipping houses. As a website flipper, you will purchase an existing website, make improvements to the website, and then sell the upgraded website for a profit. The most popular websites to purchase and sell websites are Flippa and Empire Flippers, but you can find a website that has websites available suited to your interests, budget, and skillset.


To start a successful website flipper business, you will need to be tech-savvy, have an excellent team of skilled employees, and know what to look for in a potential website. Depending on the websites you plan to flip, the capital you will need to start your website flipping business will vary. To start with, you can approach private website owners who have not been active on their websites, and offer to flip their websites for them at a fee.


Acquire Professional Assistance Along the Way:


One of the major holdbacks for aspiring entrepreneurs is the worry that they will not be able to handle every aspect of running a successful small business. Your skillset may lie in crafting delicious vegan ready-made meals or crafting useful no-waste products, but when it comes to marketing, sourcing clients, or financial management, you may feel lost and overwhelmed. This fear is often what prevents a great idea from being transformed into a profitable small business.


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As a small business owner, you do not have to do it all. You can easily acquire the professional assistance of experts to help your small business along the way. You can focus on your product or service, and professionals can assist you with the other essential factors of running your business.


SureBooks Small Business Accountant:


SureBooks small business accountant is readily available to assist you with the financial management of your small business. We are a small business accountant, which means we understand the passion, financial input, and dedication it has taken to create your small business. We care about small businesses and will always assist you to achieve a successful financial future for your small business.


We are a small business accountant that offers accounting and payroll services. Our small business accountant services are offered by qualified professionals who are experts in the financial management of small businesses. We have a wide range of accountants who are experienced with small businesses across the industries to ensure that we pair you with relevant, passionate, and suitable small business accountant services.


We understand that as a small business owner, you have a lot to focus on to ensure that your small business is operating smoothly. This is why we offer small business accountant services to assist you with professional financial management. Take one thing off your list of worries with our time-saving and affordable small business accountant services.


Keep your small business running successfully with SureBooks small business accountant services. We use the latest accounting software, Xero, and an easy payroll system, SimplePay, to ensure you receive accurate and efficient small business accountant services. Every step of the way, we will assist your small business with efficient financial management systems and expert financial advice for the success of your small business.


Start your small business with a superb idea and maintain the success of your business with the financial management of SureBooks small business accountant.


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